Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez

Dr. Rodriguez Lopez

Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez is one of the most recognizable names in Mexico bariatric surgery. Working as a dedicated bariatric surgeon, Dr. He has been practicing all various types of weight loss surgeries including duodenal switch.

Dr. Rodriguez has had special training and received certifications from the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery and other organizations and has been working with Mexico Bariatric Center since 2017.

Learn more about Dr. Rodriguez Lopez at his personal website.

Medical Association Certifications:

  • Mexican Society of Obesity Surgeons
  • Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery
  • Mexican Association of General Surgery
  • Medical College of Tijuana A.C 1992.
  • College of General Surgeons of Tijuana Baja California.

Advanced Training:

  • Bio Centrics Corporation

Dr. C hristian Rodriguez Lopez also has the ability to repair many failed and unsuccessful bariatric procedures including Lap-Band, Realize Band, Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Gastric Plication Surgery, and others. Here is a list of available weight loss surgery revisions offered:

  • Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • REALIZE Band to Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Gastric Sleeve to RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Sleeve Surgery w/ Band (Banded)
  • Gastric Sleeve to Duodenal Switch Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass to Duodenal Switch Surgery

About Duodenal Switch:

Duodenal Switch is a restrictive and malabsorptive procedure which provides highest possible ‘expected weight-loss’, compared with gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. This is one of the main reasons why this surgery type is reserved for only the highest BMIs.  Studies have  suggested that the average drop in BMI is nearly 35% in 1.5 years.

Duodenal Switch uses two techniques to reduce obesity, malapsorption and restriction. Malabsorption allows calories to go through your system untouched and not be absorbed. The restrictive side, makes a fuller faster allowing the patient to be satisfied with less food. This two step process allows the patient to burn off excess weight at a staggering rate.

Undergoing duodenal switch in Mexico is a serious decision, but using a service like MexicoDuodenalSwitch, we can help facilitate all the process and offer you an all-inclusive package. Contact our helpful patient care coordinators today to learn more and discover a new you.

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