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Weight Loss Surgery Shown to Help Mild Knee Pain and Boost Success of Joint Replacement Surgery

Bariatric surgery has been shown to help reduce knee pain in overweight or obese patients. The results found are similar to those that have had a knee replacement surgery. A small study of 20 obese patients who had weight loss surgery and 40 who had total knee replacement surgery due to arthritis showed that just […]

Weight Loss Surgery May Lead to Increased Fertility for Overweight Or Obese Men or Women

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic that leads to various risks such as cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes, sleep apnea and increased risk of cancer. Nearly 20% of women of childbearing age are obese. Studies show that obesity is associated with reduced ovulation, poor ovarian stimulation during assisted conception as well as increased miscarriage. Male fertility […]

University Of Cincinnati Study Shows Gut Hormones Likely Cause of Hypoglycemia Post-Op for Weight Loss Surgery

A research study done at the University of Cincinnati discovered that blocking certain gut hormones action will correct post-meal hypoglycemia or low blood sugar in some gastric bypass patients. The study’s findings were featured in the March 2014 edition of Gastroenterology. They also are a part of an ongoing effort by University of Cincinnati researchers […]

Study Depicts How Bariatric Surgery Can Combat Uterine Cancer

Researchers at the University of California, Moores Cancer Center, and San Diego School of Medicine found in their recent study that bariatric surgery where dramatic weight loss occurs in severely obese women reduced their risk of uterine or endometrial cancer by nearly 71% and as much as 81% if normal weight was maintained following surgery. […]

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